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Track location in real time

Livetracking of your event

Let your spectators participate in your event at any time and from anywhere. With Tractalis, the positions of the participants are being measured and displayed in a clear fashion so you can always maintain an overview.


tractalis filtering functionalities

Individual filter configuration

Even with a large field of participants, never lose the overview. Sort the participants by different terms, such as ranking or starting number. Choose your favourites between which you can jump back and forth, if you want to follow different participants simultaneously.

Detailed informations

Detailed informations of participants

Share more information about the participants with your spectators. With Tractalis, you can present information such as name, year of birth or nationality.

Searching functionalities of tractalis

Searching functionalities

Search for a specific participant using different search terms such as name, starting number, ranking or nationality.



See at all times, how the race is going and who lies at which position at the moment. Let your spectators witness exciting moment from anywhere and use the information yourself for the organisation of your event.

Split times

Split times presentation

Define timestations and then use the split times function to create a table with the split times. Use the possibility to embed this table into your website to present a quick overview over the course of the event to your spectators.




Presentation of the race’s progress in the web application:

Standard view for any event

Standard view for all kinds of races and events

You and your spectators can see the race progress from a bird’s eye view. On high quality ESRI maps, the positions of the participants are being displayed. This kind of view is especially useful for long races.

Elevation Chart

Clear elevation chart

Does your event contain many or great elevations? Then, the presentation with the elevation chart is very suitable. You and your spectators can at all times see wheter the participants are fighting with a steep climb or if the have already reached the peak.


View for multisport events

Donut view for multisport events

For triathlons, gigathlons or also marathons the donut view fits well. The event circle, split into the sectors of the different disciplines offer an optimal view on the events. The perimeter corresponds to the race distance while the radius shows the time passed. Someone who is located close to the outside is behind and has lost a lot of time. Whoever comes close to the inner ring, is moving closely to the record time.


Weather information

Weather information

The weather conditions are of crucial importance for any sports event. A thunderstorm can turn around the course of a race completely. The inbuilt weather information within Tractalis is a help both for the participants, which can prepare for a coming weather change and for you and the spectators, because you can thereby comprehend the influence of the weather on the race.


Replay function

Replay functionalities

Do you want to watch the progress of the race at a later date? Are there claims that a participant took a shortcut or drove with a car? Thanks to the replay function, you and your spectators can recall every single moment of the event.

Replay Function

Postrace analytics

Postrace analytics

Offer your participants and spectators the possibility to review the performances after the event. How high was the average speed? During which part did participant X have a phase of weakness? Where and when did winner X start his/her victory run?

See your staff online

Live tracking of organisational members

Keep the overview over your helpers as an organiser by equipping certain helpers with a tracker. See for example where your paramedics or referees are at the moment to simplify the organisation of the event. The information about them are only accessible to you through a login.

Chip by µBlox

Great accuracy with Swiss technology

The tracker GL-300 contains a modern GNSS module from µBlox, the worldwide leader in production of positioning systems from Switzerland. At free visibility, the tracker can be located very precisely. This allows us to offer you the SOS function. In the case of an emergency, share the exact position of the accident victim with the rescue forces to ensure a successful and save rescue and to increase the safety for all of your participants.

SOS function

Additionally, there is a programmable emergency button on the tracker, which on button pressing sends an emergency signal with position data to you, the organiser.


Marketing through Tractalis

Advertising platform for your sponsors

With thousands of views and many different possibilities for an effective presentation of advertisement, Tractalis is an attractive advertisement platform for your sponsors on the internet. Offer, for instance, an additional medium to your main sponsor to advertise his products on and he’ll most certainly not refuse.

Individually choose maps

Thanks to our partner ESRI, we can provide you with different kinds of maps. Give your spectators the possibility to switch between detailed terrain maps or satellite pictures.

Beautiful and handy mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Give your spectators the option to follow your event on the go. We provide our apps for all big operating systems, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The app contains all main features of Tractalis and is created very intuitively.

Application on all big plattforms

tractalis is for every event

Customizable for every event, small or big

We offer you the fitting platform for your event. We help your event to grow and make sure that the live tracking works smoothly independently of size and number of participants.

Coming Soon Arrival Prognosis

Coming soon: Arrival prognosis

Arrival prognosis on the basis of the route profile of the participants. Plan your event more efficiently by knowing how long e.g. it will take the leader to finish. Help your spectators on the road by making sure that they know when their participant comes by.

Tracking without additional tracker

Coming soon: Positioning without additional tracker

Spare your participants of the anyway little ballast of the tracker. Thanks to measuring stations along the event route, in the future, we’ll be able to capture the position of the participants with tiny transponders.