Trailrun – Irontrail

From 20 to 200 km, the Swiss Irontrail offers several different trail run distances. Leading through the high Swiss alps, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is told to be one of the most beautiful ultra trails in the world. We at Tractalis are happy to be able to provide the live tracking system to them. “Run if you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, but do it.”, is the motto of the event. To let the spectators see the runners fight against the mountain and the distance, we track the 800 participants live. Through the live tracking system, the spectators can follow the course of the race, no matter whether the runners are on a high mountain peak or in a deep valley.

Also with Tractalis, the organisers can keep an overview of the event, without having to put helpers all along route. They know, when the runners will arrive at the finish line and can organise the process smoothly.

In the mountains, the risk of accidents and injuries are even higher. It can be hard to find the accident victims. Thanks to Tractalis, it is possible to locate every athlete within a few metres. This ensures a quick and safe rescue, which improves the overall safety of every participant.

We are excited for the Swiss Irontrail 2016 and are looking forward to it!